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Equine Services

How We Provide Care

Horses are seen at the clinic or on the farm depending on circumstances, although for time management purpose we prefer they be trailered in for routine services.  More complex dental, trauma, and surgical care must be done at the hospital, especially for procedures requiring physical restraint in a stocks, for radiographs or anesthesia.

Routine preventative care (exams, vaccines, deworming, and simple dental floats) can be done on the farm.  An annual physical examination is recommended.  We perform pre-purchase or insurance exams.  Discussion about feeding and vaccine protocols can occur during your horse's physical check-up.  Annual blood & parasite evaluations help ensure the detection of early disease.

Horse Retained Incisor

Equine Dental Care

Motorized dental balancing and leveling with both reciprocating and rotary (dremmel) equipment is used in addition to hand dental floating.  All horses should have their teeth checked yearly by a qualified Veterinarian. Teeth emerge 3mm yearly and with uneven wear soon develop malocclusion and poor hay utilization as well as painful enamel points.

Foal Care

Reproductive Exams

Reproductive examinations using ultrasound, pre-breeding exams, uterine cultures, Caslick's surgery, uterine biopsy are routinely done at the hospital.

Horse surgery on tilt table


We use a padded standing and tilting restraining table, monitored gas anesthesia with ventilator, and have an indoor stall as well as outdoor paddocks.

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